What is Uvalla?

Uvalla is a marketplace where people can buy and sell beautiful things sold by independent sellers that are: Creative, Innovative, Recycled, Unique, Customized, Sustainable, Respectful, Organic…

Who sells the items?

Items are sold by Uvalla Sellers, but they are previously approved by Uvalla, to make sure they match our criteria. 

Who gets the money when I buy an item?

The payments are handled by Uvalla through STRIPE secure payment platform. Sellers can withdraw their commission (which is around 90{3607d50dc57905536b6430526b793296c34aeccf8b4344ac39ddebf370bed9de} of the Item price)  anytime after a payment is completed to handle and ship the item.

Who ships the Item?

The sellers are responsible for the shipment of the Item. 

How long does a shipment take?

This will vary upon the receiver location and the location of the seller. Every seller has a shop page where they state shop policies, including shipping times, refund policies, etc.

Can I buy items from different sellers at the same time?

Sure you can. Keep in mind every item will be handled by the related seller, and the conditions, shipping times, shipping fees, etc., may change for each product. You’ll get all the information on check out, and on a confirmation email sent by Uvalla. 

Who is responsible for the items I buy?

Each seller is responsible for the items they sell. They will manage customer service, refunds, shippment, and mosts aspects related to the sale. You can contact them directly at their Shop Page. However, Uvalla is here to help, and you can contact us anytime for support, we will actively work to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Who can sell at Uvalla?

Anyone can sell their goods at Uvalla. However we will closely monitor every account that is created to make sure they comply with our policies and philosophy. Furthermore, Uvalla will review every item that is listed and might unpublish them at any time whenever they don´t meet our standards. Sellers can be private individuals or existing Shops that want to add Uvalla as a selling channel for their products.

If you are interesed in selling on Uvalla, you can register here.

More Questions?

Please contact us via contact page or at info(@)uvalla.com, we’ll get back to you soon.