Sell on UVALLA

Who can sell at Uvalla?

You are welcome to join us just keep in mind:

  • You might need to submit proof of your identiy and legal adress
  • You need to have a Stripe account on your name to collect your fees
  • You are responsible for the shipment and the costumer service of the goods you sell here

What can you sell at Uvalla?

Things with special value that are either:

  • Made or customized by you
  • Made through recycling stuff
  • Hand crafted items
  • Antiques and memorabilia
  • Vintage electronics and musical instruments
  • Interesting second hand clothe
  • Anything that suits the « philosophy » of Uvalla

What can you not sell?

Mass produced items with no personal added value, or anything illegal.

How does it work?

After registration, you will have access to your own shop backend within UVALLA, where you can upload your items and set your conditions (price, shipment, etc).

You will own a front end shop on Uvalla that you can share and use a your online shop. And your producs will be listed on Uvalla Shop.

You keep 90{3607d50dc57905536b6430526b793296c34aeccf8b4344ac39ddebf370bed9de} of the selling price whenever a single sale is under 500€. And Uvalla never keeps more than 50€ on a single sale, so if you sell a basket worth 5000€, you only pay a fixed 50€, that will be used to support this friendly platform. 

Note: Uvalla will review all listed items and might unpublish them at any time.



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